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2019  Highgate Library & Community Center Trustee Meeting Schedule

 All meetings are on the first Wednesday of each month at 6:30pm. There are no meetings during the months of March, July and August.

  • All meetings are open to the public and are held at the Highgate Public Library. For more information, please call the library at 868-3970.

HLCC Board Members

Amy Bouchard

Virginia Holiman ~ Secretary/Treasurer

Rebecca Manning Howrigan ~ Chair

Becky Johnson ~ Vice Chair

Amber Machia


Highgate Public Library Trustee meeting ~ April 5, 2017 ~ Draft

Present: Karen Fortin, Becky Johnson, Virginia Holiman, Liza Comiskey, Liz Toohey, Sharon Bosquette, Rebecca Howrigan

Public Comment: Sharon Bosquette, Selectboard Chair wanted to introduce herself to the board and check in on how things were going at the library.

Karen asked about the status of the Machia Property. Sharon stated that currently phase 1 of the environmental study is underway and should be completed by the end of April.

Minutes: Becky made motion to accept minutes of February 9th meeting, Karen seconded, Minutes accepted

Treasurer’s Report:

Warrants were presented for February and March. The board approved and signed.

We appear to be on target for our budget for this point in the year. To date we have spent $78,962.94, or 78.97% of our budget.

Director’s Report:

HPL was selected to present at the National Community Garden Association Conference in July (in Connecticut). This is pretty exciting! We will be presenting with Franklin Library.

HPL has received the Garden’s For Learning Grant ($1,200- Thanks to Liz!) and is waiting to hear on the Grow Grant for $1,000.

Healthy Roots will be working with us this summer and doing produce drop off on Monday’s during the summer months. Children and families will be able to take home free fresh produce after participating in our events. The weekly drop off will depend on the produce available to them from local farms/ vendors that week.

We have Hank Lambert coming in on 4/12 for a book reading and signing. His book is Highgate Switchel.

Cailey’s Closet- 65 dresses found homes. They will travel to Fairfield on 4/6 and Richford on 4/13.

Nathan Poore will be working with his class at MVU on making Permanente story walk boards to add to the walking path around the arena. His class will also install them

E- Rate- Since the phone piece of E-Rate is lowering to 10% reimbursement on 7/1, Liza was wondering if the board wanted her to still apply for the grant. The paperwork is pretty intensive. HPL would only receive $112 in reimbursement in the next fiscal year.

  • The board decided to not apply and asked Sharon about joining onto the town’s phone service with Comcast. Chris had mentioned this at a prior select board meeting. Sharon said she would look into that and get back to them on the cost and process.

Vista Update:

Liz is working on several grants at the moment and just submitted a Vermont Humanities Grant

Vermont Reads event- Liz discussed the 2 events that she has planned for this month. One is a book discussion, the other is a time capsule community event. Liz would like this to be buried in the town’s main park. She let Sharon know that Heidi would be mentioning this for her at the 4/6 select board meeting, as she (Liz) needed their approval to bury it. Sharon said she would make sure it is discussed and that she believed there would be not issues with the request.

MPG Update:

Karen spoke about our Planning Grant and reported:

The draft for the RFP was sent out for all board members to review prior to tonight’s meeting.

A discussion was held about the RFP. A few changes were noted and Karen stated that she would share the corrections with Bethany.

A committee is needed for the MPG study. It was decided that Liza, Karen and Rebecca will represent the library, Sharon stated that she would be happy to represent the Select board, Bethany will represent Regional Planning. Two members from the community and a member from the Planning Commission are needed.  Karen will touch base with PC Chair, Rich Wilkins to see who from the PC is interested. She will also touch base with several community members who seemed interested in being involved in the study.

New Business:

Election of Officer’s: Karen made the motion to elect: Rebecca as chair, Becky as vice-chair, Virginia as secretary and Alyssa as treasurer.  – After some discussion, Rebecca moved to amend the motion to: Rebecca as chair, Becky as vice chair and Virginia as Secretary/treasurer. Karen seconded the motion. –Approved

  • A discussion was had about adding 2 additional board members- moving from a 5 person board to a 7 person board and also having member terms staggered to be 3 and 5 year terms.
  • This will be discussed further at the next board meeting and the By-Laws will be reviewed.

The library logo, designed by Hayes Johnson has been well received by the community. After a brief discussion, Karen made the motion to officially change the library’s name to the Highgate Library and Community Center. The new name is reflective of the discussion at town meeting, the evolving focus and goals of the library, the library mission and logo. Rebecca seconded the motion. – Approved.

  • Rebecca, as chair, will send out a press release regarding this change.
  • Sharon suggested having Wendi also put something on the Town sign announcing the name change.

Old Business:

First Responder addition to the personnel policy was briefly discussed. Liza has provided the board with several samples and is currently waiting to hear back from VLCT on samples that they may have for the board to work with. This will be reviewed and discussed further at the next meeting. Until then, it was decided that Liza may continue to respond to any HVFD calls during work hours if coverage is available.

Meeting adjourned at 9:15.

Next scheduled Board of Trustee meeting, May 3rd at 6:30 pm.


Highgate Public Library Trustee meeting  minutes ~ February 9, 2017 ~ 6:30 PM  ~ Approved

Meeting was called to order by Karen Fortin at 6:30pm

Present: Karen Fortin, Meagan Gilmore, Becky Johnson, Rebecca Howrigan, Virginia Holiman, Liza Comiskey, Liz Toohey

Public Comment: Books were presented to Meagan as a thank you for her service on the Board of Trustees. Meagan has chosen not to join us for another term as Trustee.

Minutes: Becky made motion to accept minutes of Jan. 4th meeting, Meagan seconded, Minutes accepted

Treasurer’s Report:

-Rebecca did not receive report from Shelly in time for this meeting, but will be sure to get it and review it.

-Rebecca has opened an on-line checking account for the library.

-Warrants were presented and signed by the Board.

-We have received a quote (in writing) for repairing the roof, John Aldrich-$8,500, and is ready to start ASAP. He reported the roof is in bad shape. Josh LaRocque has offered to go over all quotes with us to help make a decision.  Decision will need to be made after the vote at Town meeting.

Director’s Report:

-Building Bright Futures money has been received and deposited

-Ladies’ Self Defense class, Level One went well with 16 participants. Level Two will be held Feb. 15, training funds were used for Liz and Liza to attend

-The Duct Tape Derby will be held Saturday, Feb.18th

-Paulette will be back at the library on the 21st. She has been missed, and is recovering well.

– Over $2200 has been raised to-date by the Friends of the Library Highgate Family Ski program

-Liza and Liz have been working on the VISTA application for 2017-2018.

* Liza & Liz have adjusted numbers/goals to be more realistic, to work better in this particular work environment

* the $7000 VISTA Service Fee will go down to $4800 if Liz decides to stay another year, it is suggested  by VISTA that with that savings we pay Liz’s landlord $100 per month as a way to help support Liz

* (Shelly has said this can be done with our checking system)

VISTA Report:

Board members were given a letter from Robyn Baylor (VISTA Program Supervisor) concerning use of Liz’s hours at the library. Liz presented copies of monthly time sheets that she had been asked to redo. There was much discussion. The Board had not made themselves aware of the specific VISTA goals, and that some requested activities fall outside of those goals. It was a learning experience, and adjustments will be made.

The Board stated they are very happy with Liz’s work, and her presence in the library community and hope she will consider staying another year.

New Business:

*Virginia made motion and Becky seconded; If our first year VISTA worker decides to return to our library and our VISTA administrative fee is reduced from$7000 to $4800, we will use $1200 of the savings to help our VISTA volunteer with $100 monthly rental payments, made directly to VISTA’s landlord. Approved unanimously.

*Rebecca made the motion and Becky seconded to approve the VISTA application, as discussed and reviewed by the full Board on 2/9/2017. Approved unanimously.

– The Board discussed setting up a policy for library employees who are 1st Responders and/or EMT’s, regarding leaving/serving during working hours. Tabled until next meeting.

-Fox TV will be here Wed., Feb. 15 at 9:00AM to discuss our town meeting business, our Town Planning Grant and funding the roof repairs.

-Pre-Town meeting will be held March 2, at 7:00.

– Karen attended Ranger/Solar panels meeting. Solar panels could bring an additional $350,000 to the town in the first year.

Old Business:

-Virginia made motion, and Karen seconded to happily accept a new library logo designed by graphic designer Hayes Johnson. Approved unanimously. New logo will be in use immediately.

-Library pays Black Dog $199 per year now. Town is still looking to make a decision about all town facilities using same company, for possible cost savings and regular extinguisher checks.

-Karen spoke with Bethany about our Planning Grant and reported:

-if funding is turned down at town meeting, our costs will come out of the Anderson Fund

-we need to do at least two more community focus groups

Step 1 -after town meeting, Bethany will send out grant template and scope

-We as a board need to form a study committee consisting of; members of the library trustees, town staff, selectmen, regional planning, and community members. This committee will need to pick a proposal.

Step 2- Send proposal out for Bids

The Board went into Executive Session to discuss Personnel Issues and Board Direction Issues.

The Board came out of Executive Session.

Meeting adjourned at 10:37.

Town Meeting, March 7th

Next scheduled Board of Trustee meeting, April 5th.

Respectfully submitted,

Virginia Holiman


Highgate Public Library Board of Trustees Meeting – Approved

Wednesday, January, 4, 2017

Present: Karen Fortin, Rebecca Howrigan, Virginia Holiman, Meagan Gilmore, Liza Comiskey, & Liz Toohey

  • Meeting was called to order at 6:31pm by Karen Fortin.
  • Public Comments: None
  • Previous Minutes: A motion to accept the minutes from the December board meeting was made by Rebecca Howrigan and was seconded by Meagan Gilmore. The motion was approved.
  • Treasurers Report:
    • Discussion of 2017-2018 budget.
      • The decision has been made to add $700 for lawn maintenance per a quote from Ben Nye.
      • The trustees still have not received an official quote regarding roof maintenance. There was discussion as to whether the roof should be a separate line item or should be included within the library maintenance category. The decision was made to put $10,000 into the library maintenance category in order have adequate money to cover expenses in the upcoming fiscal year.
      • Discussion of personnel salary.
      • Line items that are no longer needed such as “printing” and “binding” will be deleted from the budget. In the event, new categories are needed for future fiscal years, they can be reinserted into the budget.
      • In total, the library is asking for $17,000 more for the budget. $10,000 will be allocated to roof maintenance and approximately $7,000 will be allocated to library growth.
      • Rebecca Howrigan made a motion to accept the total budget of $119, 373 for the 2017-2018 fiscal year. Virginia Holiman seconded this motion. The motion passed.
    • Article for Town Meeting
      • The library has been approved to have an article at Town Meeting with 125 valid signatures.
      • Karen Fortin will be in contact with selectboard about the library presentation for Town Meeting to have it approved.
    • Current Budget Report
      • The library has spent 59.93% of the budget for the 2015-2016 fiscal year.
      • Discussion of current library maintenance.
      • Discussion of general supplies.
      • Discussion of grants & how they are spent.
      • Meagan Gilmore made a motion to accept the treasurer’s report and Virginia Holiman seconded this motion. The motion was accepted.
    • Director’s Report
      • The library received a financial donation from The Tyler Place. This money will go into the Anderson account.
      • The library received a financial from a selectboard member. This money will be used for summer programming.
      • Building Brighter Futures: the funding was supposed to be released by the end of December however, it still has not been released.
      • Meagan Gilmore announced she would not be running for another trustee term. Discussion of potential community members who may like to run for library trustee.
      • Friends of the Library Ski Days – discussion of protocol & volunteers
      • Lego League discussion – why the group did not attend the competition in Norwich.
      • Discussion of behavior policy
      • Magic Tree House Adventure Club – explanation of how the program will work
      • Duct-tape derby will be combined with the sliding party. Date will be determined.
      • Self-evaluation was handed in.
      • Rebecca Howrigan made a motion to accept the Director’s Report. Meagan Gilmore seconded the motion. The motion was accepted.
    • VISTA Report
      • Flip Cards were distributed
      • Discussion of the amount of hours being worked. The board asked for a log of hours to be turned in to help them better understand the amount of work being done and the needs of the VISTA.
    • Old Business
      • Library Logo
        • Tabling this discussion until the next meeting
      • New business
        • Municipal Planning Grant
          • the press release will be sent to the Saint Albans Messenger with details of the MPG.
          • The grant has been signed and approved.
        • Discussion of security systems and fire extinguishers. The board would like to continue to use the same security system and only needs to change the provider for the fire extinguisher as they are not pleased with the service given.
        • Discussion of reasons to go into executive session to clarify technicalities.
      • Rebecca Howrigan made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Meagan Gilmore seconded the motion. The motion was accepted.


Library Board of Trustees Meeting December 2, 2016 -APPROVED

Present: Karen Fortin, Virginia Holiman, Rebecca Howrigan, Becky Johnson, Liza Comiskey

Guests: Liz Toohey, Chris Yates. Meeting was called to order at 6:37 pm by Karen Fortin.

Public Comments: None

Summer / Winter Maintenance –

* Chris Yates attended the meeting to discuss the maintenance of the lawn in the summer months and the plowing in the winter months. Mr. Yates explained that there are sixty-three miles of road in Highgate and three people on the road crew. This averages to approximately twenty-one miles of road to maintain during a storm. If a storm comes early in the morning, there is not a problem maintaining the parking lot. If the storm comes later in the morning, the road crew is delayed and has a more difficult time maintaining all the roads in Highgate as well as the library parking lot.

* Library Trustees and Mr. Yates came to an agreement as to what the Highgate Road Crew would provide the Highgate Library in regards to maintenance.

o The Highgate Library requests the Highgate Public Works Department provides:

* Snow Removal – Plowing and Removal in all parking spaces in front of the Library and Park Side.

* When ground is not frozen, this may prevent complete removal

* Sanding – Parking spots are not paved and sand may be needed to provide traction

* Shoveling – Shoveling the Front Stairs and Ramp as well as all emergency exits

* Shoveling will take place once plow routes have been completed. Should the need arise before this time, the Library Trustees and Library Director may be required to assist

* Winter Salt – Provide a full Five Gallon bucket on or before October 1st and monitor if replenishment is needed throughout the winter season.

* Preparation of building for colder weather – Complete before Snow and Freezing Weather

* Install Covers over basement Windows

* Shut of water to outside hose connection

* Lawn Mowing – Maintain in the same manner as Town Parks

* Library will build pricing into their Budget to Contract this, if needed.

* Past Minutes: Virginia Holiman made a motion to accept the minutes from the November board meeting. Becky Johnson seconded this motion. Motion was approved.

* Treasurers Report

New Roof – no update – Liza Comiskey will contact Chris Shepard for estimate

 Article Update – Liza Comiskey will put several more petitions at local businesses to get more signatures.

o Budget –

* Approximately 53% of the budget has been spent.

* Per Liza Comiskey, we may have a reimbursement from Building Brighter Futures in December.

* We will add: lawn maintenance, roof estimate, MPG ($2350) to the budget for 2017.

o Becky Johnson made the motion to approve to treasurer’s report. Virginia Holiman seconded this motion. Motion was approved.

* Director’s Report

o Discussion of adding more Christmas wishes to tree

o Rebecca Howrigan made a motion to accept the Director’s Report. Virginia Holiman seconded this motion. Motion was approved.

* VISTA Report

o Focus Group discussion

* Addressing policies regarding patron behavior and sickness

o Women’s Self-Defense Class

* Decisions were made regarding payment and promotion

o Becky Johnson made a motion to approve the VISTA report. Rebecca Howrigan seconded this motion. Motion was approved.

* Old Business – None

* New Business

o Logo- Discussion of which logo best represents library & community center.

* Decision to change name at next meeting if we know more about the Municipal Planning Grant and the logo.

o Shelburne Museum Letter

* Letter was read by Karen Fortin and discussed. No changes were made. Letter will be edited and sent by Liz Toohey.

* Virginia Holiman made the motion to go into Executive Session at 8:10. Becky Johnson seconded this motion. Motion was approved.

o Employee Salary

o Personnel Issues

o Real Estate

* Rebecca Howrigan made the motion to leave executive session and adjourn the meeting. Karen Fortin seconded this motion. Motion was approved.

The next meeting will take place January 4th, 2017 at 6:30pm.


Highgate Public Library Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes- November 2, 2016

Present: Karen Fortin, Meagan Gilmore, Rebecca Howrigan, Becky Johnson, Liza Comiskey
Guest: Liz Toohey

Meeting was called to order by Karen Fortin at 6:35pm.

Public Comments: None

Past Minutes:  Rebecca Howrigan made a motion to approve the October meeting minutes.  Meagan Gilmore seconded this motion. Minutes were approved.

Treasurer’s Report:  

  • There were some questions about the building maintenance line item.  Liza will follow up with Shelly in order to clarify these questions and report at the next meeting.
  • Rebecca gave a review of the 2017/18 budget that She, Liza and Shelly have been working on putting together. There was a brief discussion about the difference of some of the line items:
    • Raise for librarian & support staff – TBD in executive session
    • Mileage for AmeriCorps VISTA trainings and year 2 VISAT host site payment
    • Insurance costs
    • Most of the line items have remained the same (books, technology, supplies, ect)
  • (Revenues ) Building Brighter Futures Funds have not been released yet for this fiscal year. Liza has been told that this should happen in January. It is hard to be able to count on the grant funding as revenue at this point in time, as there is much uncertainty in the new restructuring process.
  • Municipal Planning Grant – the amount applied for has been changed to $15,000. This change is due to the report Laz Scangus gave. The match that the library needs to come up with will decrease to $2,335 which is 1/3 of $7,000. This will be added as a line item in the 2017/18 budget. The grant was submitted on Monday 10/31!
  • Fundraisers:
    • Polar Express – Ticket prices will increase for out-of-town residents to $10 a piece. Money will go into the Friends of the Library Savings Account after all Polar Express expenses have cleared.
    • Friends of the Library High Five money will also be transferred into the Friends Savings Account.
    • Friends of the Library- Highgate Family Ski Days at Jay Peak– Ticket prices will increase to $35 and the Friends profit will be $6 a ticket. The waterpark tickets will remain $20 and there is $0 profit on these tickets. Ski Days will start in January and run until March.
  • Motion was made by Becky Johnson to accept the Treasurer’s Report. Meagan Gilmore seconded this motion. Treasurer’s report was approved.

Director’s Report:

  • Discussion of Polar Express Event and ticket prices. Liza let the board know that she will not turn away a family if they are experiencing financial hardship and cannot afford a ticket. She is still looking for book donations.

VISTA Report:

  • Discussion of upcoming library open house (November 15th). Liz Toohey will create the flyer.
  • The board would like to hold two more community input groups by the end of the year.

Old Business:

  • Roof:
    • No new information to date. No official estimates have been given on a cost for the repair to fix the roof. This will be added as a line item in the budget.

New Business:

  • Rebecca Howrigan made the motion to adopt the following mission statement as the new mission statement for the Highgate Public Library:

“Our mission is to promote community growth and engagement. We provide and support diverse lifelong learning opportunities in an inclusive, imaginative, and welcoming environment. “

Becky Johnson seconded this motion. The motion was approved.

  • Lawn Care & Maintenance: Karen felt that maybe the board should consider adding lawn care and maintenance  the budget to ensure that the library lawn is maintained on a regular basis. Prices need to be investigated and this will be discussed more at the December meeting.
  • Capital Budget Update
    • The library was removed from the town’s Capital Budget Plan. In order to have a stand-alone Capital Budget article for Town Meeting, the library Trustees will need a petition with 100 registered voters signatures to move forward. Karen would like to have this in place for the Open House on the 15th.
  • New Library Logo
    • Hayes Johnson has donated his services and has worked with the trustees and staff to create a logo for the library. Colors and wording layout was discussed. Becky Johnson is going to take the feedback from the board to Hayes Johnson and will report back with a design at the December Meeting.
  • Library Name:
    • Liza has spoken to the State Department of Libraries regarding the Library’s name. The State Librarian referred her to check Highgate’s Town Charter, as there is no statue at the State level.  Discussion was held around Highgate’s Charter, which no one present had any knowledge about.  Liz Toohey said she would follow up with Wendi and report back to the trustees on her findings.

Meagan Gilmore made the motion to go into Executive Session at 8:30 pm to discuss personnel. Becky Johnson seconded this motion. This motion was approved.

Karen Fortin made a motion to leave Executive Session at 9:00pm. Becky Johnson Seconded. This motion was approved.

Next Board Meeting is Wednesday, December 7th, 2016 at 6:30pm at the Library

Becky made the motion to adjourn the meeting at 9:05pm. Karen Fortin Seconded. This motion was approved.


Highgate Public Library Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes for Wednesday, Oct 5 2016- APPROVED

Call To Order The meeting was called to order by Karen Fortin at 6:18

Present:   Karen Fortin, Becky Johnson, Meagan Gilmore, Liza Comiskey, Rebecca Howrigan , Virginia Holiman, Liz Toohey.  Guests: Josh Laroque, Woody Rouse, Bethany Remmeas

  1. Public Comments- No public comments
  2. Regional planning library feasibility study grant review

Feasibility study will refine the type of space we need, the cost, where in the village, layouts and an implementation plan

We reviewed the current application and numerous changes were made. Bethany will revise and send us an updated copy.

Funding for the study => we will only get $8000 if we have no matching. It was the trustees understandings from a sept meeting with the selectboard that the selectboard said we could spend up to $20,000 of our own funds for the project.

The friends of the library will match the $4000 neededif no other funds can be found.

Next steps for the project are: provide quote, the municipal resolution will take place at the Oct 20th selectboard meeting

We’ll receive the final draft of the application on o t 13th for review and geyt any changes to Bethany by Oct 19 so she can present attbe Oct 20th selectboard meeting.

Josh laroque will have us added to the agenda

Review of past Minutes:  Motion to accept past meeting minutes  by Becky , Meagan seconded the motion – approved.

Treasurer’s Report

  • Reviewed budget- we are on target with our budget
  • All warrants signed

Motion to accept the treasurer’s report was made by Virginia and seconded  by Becky. Report approved

 Directors report:  No questions on the report given

Vista report:  No questions on the report given

Old business

  •   Retreat Karen has recap notes and will share with us a the next meeting
  •   Library roof it it very bad shape. Josh mentioned using “Ice and water” as a temp solution. Becky will call Henry Rainville to review more potential ootuions for the roof.

New business

Format for tractor day/focus groups

Next meeting November 2nd at 6:30pm

Motion was made by Karen Fortin to adjourn the meeting at 9:05pm. Rebecca Howrigan seconded the motion. Approved


Highgate Public Library Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes – Approved

Wednesday, July 6th, 2016

  1. Call To Order: The meeting was called by Karen Fortin at 6:05 pm

Present at meeting: Karen Fortin, Becky Johnson, Meagan Gilmore, Liza Comiskey, Rebecca Howrigan Public: Paulette Unwi

Public Comments: No public comments

Review of Past Board Minutes: Becky Johnson motioned to approve the June 1st, 2016 meeting minutes. Karen Fortin seconded the motion.  Motion carried unanimously

Treasurer’s Report: Warrants need to be approved and signed by board members. We did not receive them in time for this meeting. Liza will get these from Shelly. Please stop in to see Liza within the next few weeks to review and sign.

  • Lucie still need to have her name removed from the library bank accounts and Rebecca’s name needs to be added ASAP.
    • Virginia will contact Lucie and they will go to the bank together (as Virginia is the second signer). Rebecca will need to also go fill out necessary paperwork to be added in Lucie’s place.
  • We need to start budget planning in October (Rebecca, Liza and Shelly should meet initially to discuss this) they will then present to the board and we will review as a group.

Old Business: Board Retreat Discussion~Karen contacted Terry O’Shea with the board’s goals for the retreat. She will work with her to develop an agenda to help the group stay on task and focused.

  • Terry offered to do the retreat pro bono for the library
  • The board will think of a gift for her (I.e) book and or a donation in her name, as a thank you for her time and assistance.
  • The date for the Board retreat Saturday, September 17th from 8-12 @ Karen’s sugar house
  • Those who will attend: All Trustee’s, Liza, Paulette and the HPL vista member
  • After the retreat the HPL vista member will hopefully be able to work with George Ouellette to create a PowerPoint of pictures of events/programming/services HPL provides to the community and highlighting what more we can do with more space
  1. HPL Capital Budget Discussion
  • Liza attended the Planning Commission meeting in June. The PC and Heidi asked Liza to have the Trustees attend the July meeting to present the library’s request and to show support for the Capital plan. Until they heard from the trustees, nothing would be put in the Capital Plan.
  • Karen will be go to the planning commission meeting on July 21st to present our Capital Budget. Board members are also encouraged to attend to show their support for the plan.
    • Karen will mention our intentions to obtain grants for part of the funding and our plan on partnering with the regional planning committee for assistance in this area.
  • Laz Scangus measured library as part of an ADA study for the town – originally to study if the library would be a good fit in the town garage. In the end the study didn’t cover this area and the board of Trustees also decided the library is not a good fit in the garage space anyways. Liza has contacted Laz to see if he is able to provide us with the official measurements and notes that he took during his meeting with her and Karen in June.
  • The roof needs to be factored into the capital budget. Ryan Maskell will provide a quote for the roof by July 21st. He is not able to do the work, but will provide us with an estimate to give us the number we should expect to receive in a bid. Rebecca thought that we might want to petition the town to add the roof as an article for the town budget, as opposed to adding to the capital budget.
  • New Computers will not be going into the capital budget. Liza has priced out 3 towers and the friends of the library will purchase these. In the future we’ll plan to have included new computers in the budget (every 4-5 years).

New Business: None

Next meeting will be August 31 at 6:30pm

Motion to adjourn the meeting was made by Rebecca at 8:35. Motion seconded by Meagan.  Motion carried unanimously. Approved


Highgate Public Library Board of Trustee Meeting  Minutes June 1, 2016 ~ Approved

Present: Karen Fortin, Becky Johnson, Meagan Gilmore, Liza Comiskey, Virginia Holiman, Paulette Unwin, Randy Connelly

Public Comment: None

Minutes: Meagan made the motion to accept the minutes of the May 4th, 2016 meeting. Becky seconded the motion. Approved 5-0

Treasurer’s Report:

Reviewed the monthly warrants- there were no concerns.

-Meagan made the motion to approve the report and warrants presented, Karen seconded to. Approved

Director’s Report:

  • Liza discussed the need to hire a library clerk sub to help with summer coverage (due to staff vacations) & also the need to bring in someone to assist with programing support during the summer months. Since the library is growing in summer program offerings, so does the need for extra help. Liza has several interested community members in these positions and will meet with them further to discuss these opportunities.
  • Americorps Vista- we had 3 final applications and there are 2 that Liza feels would be a match for this position. She will interview them within the next week.

Old Business:

Capital Budget

The deadline for submissions is June at the Planning Commission Mtg. Liza will attend the meeting and present the board’s request.

– Liza spoke with the Department of Libraries Regional consultant, as well as with other Public Libraries around the state who have or are undergoing construction. There is a wide range in cost per square footage ($250-$500).

– after a discussion on space needs, the board felt the space needs/design for Highgate would be very similar to the new build in Fairfield.

-A new roof is needed within the budget year here at the library. The West side of the roof is peeling and blowing off. Liza will see if she can get someone to look at the project and give the board an estimate of repair cost to submit with the Capital Budget.

Plant Sale

  • Karen feels that we need to advertise this better and possibly hold it later in May or early June.

Board Retreat

  • Terri O’Shea is interested in facilitating the retreat. She is currently in the U.K. and will respond to us with possible dates when she returns.
  • It is unclear what her fee will be. Virginia made the motion to approve funds to cover the facilitation fee from the Anderson Fund. Becky seconded this motion.

New Business:

  • The garden program will need an outdoor water faucet (as there is not currently one) for the gardens this summer. Liza has contacted several local plumbers to come look at this project. The price quotes are around $650. Liza will contact a few others to see if there is anyone who would be willing to donate their services.
  • Becky mentioned that her son is a graphic designer and has offered to help the library create a logo.

Next Meeting: Wednesday July 6 at 6pm

Virginia made the motion to adjourn the meeting at 8:15pm. Karen Fortin seconded the motion. Approved

Respectfully submitted,

Meagan Gilmore


Highgate Public Library Board of Trustees Meeting Regular Trustee Meeting Minutes Approved

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Highgate Public Library

Call To Order- The meeting was called by Karen Fortin  at 6:05 PM.

Present at meeting: Library Board of Trustee Members:  Karen Fortin, Becky Johnson, Rebecca Howrigan, Meagan Gilmore, Liza Comiskey

Public Comments No Public Comments.

Review of past Minutes: Rebecca Howrigan motioned to approved 04/06/2016 meeting minutes. Becky Johnson seconded the motion.  Motion carried unanimously.

Treasurer’s Report:

  • Discrepancy on last months report was due to a deposit verification – $1 deposit.
  • Liza reviewed current warrant of bills – all are items she has submitted and coded
  • Budget wise we are at +/- 84% with 2 months left of the year.
  • Most of the budget has been spent – a few funds will still be coming from grants but will not receive them until summer programs.
  • Lucy’s name has to come off of Anderson Account & Rebecca Howrigan’s name needs to be added to it.
  • Approved all warrants & Bills
  • Meagan Gilmore motioned to code all fence projects together under maintenance. Becky Johnson seconded the motion.  Motion carried unanimously.
  • Director’s Report: Oil tank – it was recommended to post the selling oil tank & oil on municipal sites. Discussion on keeping for logistic reasons.  Tabling oil tank – no need to move forward with removal.
  • The need for new computers. Would like to order 3 new towers and removing back computer.  Liza Comiskey suggested a one-time use of Anderson funds to purchase new towers.  Discussion on tablets vs. towers.  Liza Comiskey will investigate cost pro’s/con’s and come back in June with proposal.
  • Brandy Maskell – Is running STEM for summer (internship)Perennial Swap is 05/21/2016 10AM – 12PM
  • Old Business: Tim Valley donated $1000 for the fence project. We all signed and sent Thank you cards.
  1. New Business: Capital improvement plan is going for review, which is a new library and computers.  They want us to come up with most important items for capital improvement and prioritize.
  • When submitting Capital budget proposal, it should in the description it should include since 2004 the library has been used for……. That are community programs and the reason for more space being needed really stressing community space/need.
  • Recommended slide show to show values of programming and narration during town meeting. George Ouellette can help. – What we can do and what we COULD
  • Karen Fortin recommended getting all stake holders together for “board retreat” to focus on the future of the library with 3 goals – 1.) Where are we heading – future location & needs. 2)  Name change.  ) Mission Statement.  This would be done with a professional facilitator.  Potential stakeholders include:  Heidi Britch-Valenta, Paulette, Liza Comiskey, and all board members.  Potential one time use of Anderson funds to pay for this retreat.  Karen Fortin will get a list of facilitators, dates and costs to be discussed at the June meeting.  It was recommended that a Saturday in the Summer would work for everyone.

Executive Session: None needed

Next meeting will be June 01, 2016 at 6PM

Motion by Rebecca Howrigan to adjourn meeting.  Motion seconded by Becky Johnson.  Motion carried unanimously. Highgate Public Library Board of Trustees Meeting


Regular Trustee Meeting

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Highgate Public Library – 17 Mill Hill

Highgate Center, Vermont 05459- Approved

  1. Call To Order

The meeting was called by Karen Fortin at 6:05 PM.

Present at meeting:

* Library Board of Trustee Members: Karen Fortin, Becky Johnson, Rebecca Howrigan, Meagan Gilmore, Liza Comiskey

  1. Agenda
  2. Public Comments

No Public Comments.

  1. Review of Past Board Minutes

* Rebecca Howrigan motioned to approved 04/06/2016 meeting minutes. Becky Johnson seconded the motion. Motion carried unanimously.

  1. Treasurer’s Report

* Discrepancy on last months report was due to a deposit verification – $1 deposit.

* Liza reviewed current warrant of bills – all are items she has submitted and coded

* Budget wise we are at +/- 84% with 2 months left of the year.

* Most of the budget has been spent – a few funds will still be coming from grants but will not receive them until summer programs.

* Lucy’s name has to come off of Anderson Account & Rebecca Howrigan’s name needs to be added to it.

* Approved all warrants & Bills

Meeting Minutes

Highgate Public Library ~ Board of Trustees Meeting ~ April 6, 2016 DRAFT
Present: Karen Fortin, Meaghan Gilmore, Lucie Fortin, Rebecca Howrigan,
Virginia Holiman, Liza Comiskey
Minutes: Meagan made motion, Rebecca seconded, to accept the February 3rd Minutes. ~Minutes accepted.
Treasurer Report: -Lucie suggested change of by-laws to better reflect new role of treasurer.
Rebecca made motion, Meagan seconded, to re-write by-laws as Lucie has worded. Motion passed.
-Karen and Lucie suggested we meet as a Board in March starting next year to elect
officers and keep accounting reports on a monthly schedule.
Virginia made motion, Meagan seconded, to accept Treasurer’s report. Report accepted.
Director’s Report: (Liza had sent all Board members a copy via e-mail prior to meeting)
Karen made motion, Virginia seconded, to accept the Director’s report. Report accepted.
The library will dedicate four special quilting books to Lucie Fortin for 20+ years to the Highgate
Public Library.
Old Business:
– Karen will check with Tim Vallee about his contribution to the fence project
– Discussion about approximately 275 gallons of fuel oil sitting in the cellar tank. Subject
New Business:
-Election of Officers – Chairperson- Karen Fortin
Secretary- Meagan Gilmore
Treasurer- Rebecca Manning
– Community Fence Building Event will be held April 30th, 10:00 AM
-Norm LaVallee Plant Swap will be held May 21, 10-12:00, all Board members asked to
help out and spread the word.
– Suggestions made and discussed- expand the Board to 7 people, start the budget
process earlier in the fall, change name to Highgate Public Library and Community
Center, initiate a Board (working) retreat, investigate installing a security camera for the
new (to be) fenced in area No action taken
*Many thanks were expressed to Lucie Fortin, for all her years of work with the Highgate Public
Library. She has donated countless hours of time, energy and support to ensure the library
would function in the best possible way. She has played many roles over the years; recently
guiding the Board through the new town accounting procedures. She will be missed.
Next Trustee meeting, May 4th, 6:00
Respectfully submitted,
Virginia Holiman
Highgate Public Library SPECIAL Board of Trustee Meeting Minutes
Tuesday, March 1 2016-Approved
 Note: All actions taken are unanimous unless otherwise stated
A.  Call to order:
1) The meeting was called to order at 9:30 am
In Attendance: Virginia Holiman, Karen Fortin, Becky Johnson Staff: Liza Comiskey    
B.  Old Business:
Library Fence project is moving forward. Liza has received quotes and prices from vendors in the area. 300 feet of stockade fencing and material will cost around $2,000. We have a local business who has offered to put $1,000 towards project materials. Becky made a motion to utilize no more than $1,200 from the Anderson Account to cover the remaining fence project expenses. Karen seconded the motion- Approved.
Liza spoke with Andy King. The Highgate Public Works Dept. will help with the project (setting the posts) and community members will help install the fence and do yard cleanup at the Library’s “Fence Raising Party” in mid-April.
C.  Next Meeting: Regular Trustee meeting will be held on Wednesday April 6 at 6:00pm
D.  Adjournment:,
Motion by Becky Johnson to adjourn meeting at 10:00am, seconded by Karen Fortin. ~Approved    
Respectfully Submitted- Virginia Holiman

Highgate Public Library ~Board of Trustees Meeting ~ February 3, 2016 ~ DRAFT

Present: Karen Fortin, Becky Johnson, Virginia Holiman, Liza Comiskey

Public Comment: none, patron invited to attend for re-entry rights into the library, did not attend

Minutes: Karen made motion and Becky seconded to accept minutes of January 6th meeting, Minutes accepted

Treasurer’s Report:

– The Board reviewed and adjusted the Budget Status report, and discussed pertinent talking points for up-coming town meeting.

– Money for the backyard fencing will come out of the Anderson Fund.

– Clarification- The Anderson checking account is designated for housing grant   monies. The Anderson savings/trust account is designated for special, one time expenditures.

– a $300 donation was made to the library in appreciation of The Polar Express event.

Becky made motion and Virginia seconded to accept the Treasurer’s report, report accepted.

Director’s Report:

  • The Vt. Health Dept. visited the library. They are trying to encourage WIC recipients to take part in approved educational activities at libraries. If it is a WIC approved program,  participants will receive a card and work toward getting 3 cards every six months to continue receiving monies from the state. This program is for women, and children under the age of 5.
  • 3-4 families are using the library for parental visitations with DCF each week. Becky expressed a concern about the safety of staff because of possible volatile interactions.
  • Board suggested Liza track number of families using the library, and denote any problems.
  • Liza requested and received one of the current reading lists from MVU.
  • The library received a new composter from Rise-Vt.

Karen made motion and Becky seconded to accept the Director’s report, report accepted.

New Business:

  • Board agreed with Liza, and she will post signs “No Cell Phone Zone”
  • Any communication amongst library employees pertaining to human resources, shall be made verbally. No text messages, e-mailing, private messaging or any other form of

electronic communication  may be used to communicate personal issues.

Karen made motion and Becky seconded to adopt this new communication policy. Policies adopted.

Old Business:

  • By-law review and update: Board members, Lucie and Meagan were not present so

discussion tabled until April meeting.

  • Board reviewed library job titles with Liza.

Liza- Executive Library Director/Librarian

Paulette- Library Assistant Director

Misty- Library Clerk

Not filled- Library Programing Assistant

  • A new Mission statement was discussed and developed.

“The mission of the Highgate Public Library is to provide information, education, programs, and technology to help our community, love, learn and grow. The library will promote healthy life styles.”

Becky made motion, and Karen seconded to adopt the above mission statement. Mission statement adopted.

  • Karen and Liza will contact Tim Vallee and Elm Hill Farm concerning the new fencing for the backyard.

Karen made motion, and Becky seconded to adjourn meeting. Meeting adjourned.

There will not be a meeting in March because of Town meeting. The next Board meeting

will be held  April 6 at 6:00.

Respectfully submitted,

Virginia Holiman


Highgate Public library ~ Board of Trustees Meeting, January 6, 2016 -APPROVED
Present: Lucie Fortin, Karen Fortin, Virginia Holiman, Liza Comiskey
Guest: Paulette Unwin
Public Comment:
-A patron with a non-trespass order has approached the staff about being allowed back in the library. Library Trustees invited the patron to attend the next regular monthly meeting, on February3rd at 6:00. Liza and staff will come up with a set of conditions, patron must agree to in writing. Both staff and Trustees agreed this patron could have another chance.
-Liza will check with the town and parole officer to see if this is an appropriate action for the Library to take.
-Lucy made motion, Karen seconded to accept minutes of December 2, 2015 meeting. Minutes accepted
Treasurer’s Report:
– Virginia made motion, Karen seconded to accept treasure’s report.
The board will review and change description of Treasurer’s duties at next meeting
Discussion of Proposed Budget:
-Board reviewed and adjusted the copy of proposed budget (provided by Town Treasurer.
-Lucie made motion, Karen seconded to approve the proposed budget of $100,374 in expenditures, with adjustment made for employee taxes on Vista Program personnel. The total amount to be raised by taxes will be $95,504. That is a $9108 increase from year 2014-2015.
Director’s Report:
-Polar Express was a HUGE success with over 533 participants!
-Duct Tape Derby is scheduled for Feb. 20th (snow date 3/5)
-Ski Days at Jay Peak have started. Michelle and Brian Douglas are running this program.
-Rebecca Manning Howrigan’s name is on the town meeting ballot, running for library trustee. 
-The cost of the chimney liner is being covered by Vermont Gas.

Virginia made motion, Karen seconded to accept Director’s Report,
Report accepted

Karen made motion to go into Executive Session to discuss Director’s evaluation.
Trustees came out of Executive Session.
Meeting adjourned.
Next Board of Trustee Meeting, February 3rd, 6:00 at the Highgate Public Library

Respectfully submitted,
Virginia Holiman


Highgate Public Library ~Board of Trustees Meeting ~December 2, 2015 ~ APPROVED
Present: Becky Johnson, Meaghan Gilmore, Karen Fortin, Lucie Fortin, Virginia Holiman, Liza Comiskey
Guest: Shelly Laroche
No Public comments
Minutes: Karen made motion, Becky seconded to accept minutes from November 4th meeting, minutes accepted
Director’s Report: Liza had sent copy of her report to all board members prior to this meeting, additions include; the library is fully hooked up to natural gas, 235 Polar Express tickets have been reserved for this year.
Meagan made motion, Becky seconded to accept the Director’s Report, report accepted
Treasurer’s Report:
$903.00 deposited from Polar Express donations
$11, 238 now in Anderson (savings) account
$6326.34 now in checking account
Virginia made motion, Meagan seconded to accept Treasurer’s Report, report accepted
Budget Building: Shelly joined the Board members to discuss and build next year’s proposed library budget.
-Meagan made motion, Becky seconded, to increase Liza’s salary by $3250 at the beginning of the next fiscal year. Motion approved.
-Shelly is going to check if the library has a contract with the present cleaning person, and on what the unemployment insurance rate will be for Liza.
-Board, Liza and Shelly built the complete budget for the 2016-2017 year. Lucie will add and clean up the proposal, and present to full board for final vote at next Board meeting on Jan. 6.
Meagan made motion to adjourn at 9:00pm, Becky seconded. Meeting adjourned.
Next meeting – January 6th, 6:00

Respectfully submitted,
Virginia Holiman


Highgate Public Library Board of Trustees Meeting ~November 4, 2015 ~ Approved
Present: Becky Johnson, Meghan Gilmore. Karen Fortin, Virginia Holiman, Lucie Fortin, Liza Comiskey
Guest: Chris Yates- Highgate Select Board
Guest Comment: Chris explained Selectboard’s proposal to switch library to Vt. Gas Company. There will be no switch over fee, no cost to clean chimney, chimney liner or furnace. Oil burner and tank will remain in place, so if library is not happy with the gas, it could be switched back. There will be a monthly burner rental of approximately $26.00.
Board of Trustees voted unanimously to accept Selectboard’s proposal for the library to convert from oil to gas.
Board went into executive session to discuss possible real estate transaction at 6:26. Board came out of executive session at 6:45.
Chris left the meeting.
Past Minutes: Becky made motion to accept minutes of Oct. 13 meeting, Meagan seconded. Minutes accepted.
Treasurer’s Report: Becky made motion to accept Treasurer’s Report, Virginia seconded. Report accepted.
Status report was received from town treasurer. Liza concerned about Fit Kids numbers, etc. Lucie will invite Town treasurer to December meeting to better explain the new accounting form/system.
-suggestions for budget: Building Bright Futures be shown as separate line item, e-rate also be shown as separate line item
Director’s Report:
-Friends of the Library have started High 5 campaign, asking public to donate $5, become a Friend of the Library and help the library.
-The Vt. Library Association will be starting an inter library loan Currier service test pilot in January of 2016. There is finical assistance (thanks to a grant) for the first 100 libraries that sign up. The charge for Highgate (once week delivery service) will be approx. $780 – but the state pays half of that charge with one year commitment.. Liza will attend the November 10 informational meeting. Board agreed to support Liza making the decision after attending the meeting.
-Highgate Public Library is now RISE VT certified (silver) The library will receive: -6 pair of snowshoes (4 youth, 2 adult) that can be checked out by patrons, a check to buy a garden composter, a water station, signs for the Highgate walking path
-Halloween was a busy time for the library. Stories in the Park (VH and Kurt) 25 children, Haunted Express at the school (Dean Fackler and Paulette) 150 children, Trunk or Treat at MVU (Liza) 600+ children, Trick or Treat at library (Becky and Virginia) 51 children.
-Highgate and Swanton Libraries will be collaborating on this year’s decorating Gingerbread houses on Dec. 12th . It will be held at the Swanton Library, as they have more space for this growing event.
-The Polar Express will be held Dec. 4,5,12, 5:00- 6:45. Elves are all signed up and the planning has began. Roughly 220 children will be able to attend this year. Library will also be collecting for Operation Happiness during the events.
-Liza has applied for a grant to serve children at risk. Grant would present workshop for parents and provide 2 books for each child (0-12). Library will receive a special collection of books that Liza would like to use to update the present “traveling bags”.
-Liza reported the library is now being used for DCF family visitations. Concerns over safety, appropriateness were expressed by some members of the Board.
-Parent support workers (from NFI and NCSS) are attending story time with some children.
-The Vt. Health Dept. would like to become more involved at the library, WIC program etc.
-Liza will be presenting for the Dept. of Libraries this next week-end. (It is definitely an honor and compliment that she was asked to present to the state-wide audience!) She is hoping to come back from the conference with additional ideas for involving seniors and teens.
-It was established that we will need 300 feet of fencing for the backyard. Because of the timing, it was decided to plan for installation in the spring.
New Business:
-There was discussion about what the mission of the library is, and what the upcoming needs are. It was suggested the timing was right to open a discussion within the trustees, then the Selectboard, and then opening up to a community forum. Karen will contact Denise Smith for suggestions on how to proceed.
Old Business:
-Trustees agreed to work on Liza’s formal evaluation at December’s meeting.

Lucie made motion to adjourn, Meagan seconded. Meeting adjourned.
Next meeting, Wednesday, 6:00, December 2nd
Respectfully submitted,
Virginia Holiman


Highgate Public Library ~Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes –  October 13, 2015- APPROVED
Present: Karen Fortin, Becky Johnson, Meghan Gilmore , Lucie Fortin, Virginia Holiman, Liza Comiskey
Meeting Called to Order at 6:15
No Public Comments
Karen read May 13 Meeting Minutes, Meagan made motion, Becky seconded to approve minutes as read, approved
Karen read June 15 Meeting Minutes, Lucie made motion, Becky seconded to approve minutes as read, approved
Karen read September 2 Meeting Minutes, Lucie made motion, Virginia seconded to approve minutes as read, approved
Treasurer’s report:
Lucie has not received financial report from Shelly at the town offices, only change should be the amount of interest on the Anderson account
Director’s report:
– Liza has been asked to speak at Vermont Department of Library’s Trustee Conference in Burlington on November 7th, on “You’re Doing What?” at your library
– Misty Reader has been hired into help cover library hours
– . Liza is working on the Americorp volunteer application for 2016/17 Budgeting season- in hopes that the library can become an approved site.
– Liza submitted the library’s annual report to the state in early October.
– Cruisers and Crawlers playgroup is having a difficult time to get going- attendance is 2-3 babies per week. Liza may look at a once a month Saturday Story Time for all ages in place of this program.
– Lucie again supplied the library with many pumpkins from a farmer in Bradford
– Spooky the Square Pumpkin event will be Monday, Oct.19th
– Spooky Stories in the Park will be held at 7 on Oct. 17
– Oct. 31st, Trick or Treat 5-7, Becky and Virginia will host, each board member asked to bring big bag of goodies, Karen will bring maple candies
– Tractor Day was a success, lots of tractors and lots of families
– Harvesting the Pre-School Garden (and making soup) will take place Oct. 1
Old Business:
-Library Policy (and Changes) Discussion concerning
-procedure for complaints, incident reports
-unattended children in the library
-library open no fewer than 35 hours
– Confidentiality of patron (circulation) records
-assuring new patrons receive confidentiality policies when they receive their library number (this is on their application)
Virginia made motion and Meagan seconded to accept and approve changes to the Highgate library policies, changes approved
-Heidi Valenta, Karen, Liza and Virginia met with Tim Vallee on October. 1, to discuss fencing in the backyard to provide additional safe and private space for the library. Mr. Vallee was very agreeable to the proposed fencing and positioning of that fence and gates.
Liza will secure measurements, and Karen will get estimates of costs.
-The Board and Liza are still looking for Suicide Prevention materials for the library. Becky will check with her local contacts for a list of suggested materials.
-Liza is still attempting to get summer reading lists from teachers at MVU to help ensure that the library is able to help supply books to students during the summer months.
-Liza’s evaluation is due. Karen will find appropriate template for more efficient evaluation form, and bring to November 4th meeting. Board will fill forms out in executive session.
-the Board of Trustees will work on the library budget at the December 2nd meeting
-Lucie made suggestion to have Senior Citizen lunch at the library and involve the book Mobile, Virginia suggested next year the pre-school patrons make the lunch for the seniors
– Karen requested Board move into Executive Session at 7:30 to discuss personnel issues.
-Board came out of Executive session at 7:50
-There was discussion about forming a Neighborhood watch in Highgate, the Board was open to gathering more information, and the amount of community interest, and then discussing it at the next meeting
Becky made motion to adjourn, Lucie seconded . All in favor. Meeting adjourned at 8:00pm
Next meeting, November 4th, 2015, 6;00
Respectfully submitted,

Virginia Holiman
Highgate Board of Trustees


Highgate Public Library ~Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes – for September 2, 2015- Approved

Present: Karen, Lucy, Meagan and Liza
Absent: Virginia and Becky
No public comment
No minutes presented to review (May or June) Virginia will mail to the group
Treasurer Report:
• Anderson acct transferred to “Friends of the Library –Anderson Acct”. Current Balance is $5327.84. Reviewed last years budget, highlighted items weren’t paid to the town because library had already paid that portion. We did pay $3845.00 for security etc
• Budget was paid off for last year with a surplus of $5327.84 (checking) $11,237.54 (savings)
• Current year to date is for July and August
• The town lowered the budget by $1000 by adding $1000 special programs revenue. This will need to be addressed in the future.
Motion: Meagan, 2nd Karen, all agreed.
Directors Report:
• Backgrounds completed for 2015 year. Becky does need to fill out her background check form.
• Increase in usage; summer passes, audiobooks, DVD usage
• Sept. 14th essential oil class
• Cross country starts sept 8th – 23 kids signed up
• Teen events – drawing program with 8 kids signed up
• 7 kids did babysitting class
• Little explorers started today – Sheldon woods, Oct. 3rd explorers will be going to cave’s at Karen’s farm
• Summer programs went well – program was fantastic
o 15 meals (1st day), 30 meals (2nd week) and 20 meals (after summer school started)
• Tractor day – Oct. 10th
• Yoga tots will start in Oct.
• Richard Flint – rec’d invitation for all local schools with track teams. Liza will work with him to organize
Old Business:
• Policies – tabled- will review when changes are typed so we can sign
• Library fencing – concern about proper permitting with existing septic, kids playing on mound system. We would like to move forward with project. Karen will write letter and cc all parties involved (Chris, Heidi, Liza and board). Ideally have it lined up this year and have it installed for Memorial Day 2016
New Business:
• New part time program director is needed as Michelle has been hired full time as Swanton Librarian. Discussion about pay rate, which is currently $ and how this is limiting who can and will apply.
• Discussed how current events and hours will be completed with limited staff
• Discussed AmeriCorps member to help with employment issue. Liza will work on for next year’s budget. At this time we’ll use allocated money to help fill in hours with subs. Liza will start with names of people she already has for these fill in hours
Motion to adjourn: Lucy, 2nd Karen at 7:45


Highgate Public Library ~Board of Trustees Meeting -June 3, 2015 ~ APPROVED
Present: Meghan Gilmore, Becky Johnson, Karen Fortin, Lucie Fortin,
Virginia Holiman, Liza Comiskey
No Public Comments
No Minutes
Treasurer’s Report: Meagan made motion, Becky seconded to accept
Treasurer’s Report, all in favor, report accepted
-Lucie met with Tom on 6/2, they are getting closer to working transition out
-Staff will need to use debit card instead of petty cash
Director’s Report:
– Library received approximately $1100 in summer grant monies
– Summer programs are all planned, flyers sent to schools
– Library received a Summer Reader’s Grant, Duncan McDougal will be presenting July 9th
– Rise Vermont will provide 2 “smoothy” bikes for end of summer picnic
– The library will be a summer meal site on Tuesdays and Wednesdays
– Liza would like a refrigerator to hold meals and use for other events
Karen will check with Thibault’s for prices/deals
Lucie made motion, Meagan seconded to give Karen authority to purchase refrigerator for the library using not more than $1000 from the Anderson Fund, motion approved
– New Library Hours are M,Tu,W 9-6, Thursday 2-6, Friday closed,
Saturday 9-12
-Girls on the Run progressing and growing
-5K Run in Essex, June 6th
– possibility of making capes for all the girls
New Business:
-Board discussed the possibility of building a fence around the backyard to provide more usable space for library patrons
-Karen will check with Heidi about how to proceed
-Becky suggested having appropriate books dealing with suicide prevention and raising awareness about suicide, available for the public
– Liza is going to get lists of required reading from area schools

Becky made motion to adjourn, Lucie seconded, meeting adjourned at 7:35 . Next meeting , September 2, 6:00


Highgate Public Library ~Board of Trustee’s Meeting ~May 13, 2015 ~ APPROVED
Present: Becky Johnson, Meghan Gilmore, Karen Fortin, Lucie Fortin, Virginia Holiman
No Public Comments
No Director’s Report– Liza was unable to attend meeting
No Treasurer’s Report
Liza, Lucie and Tom will be getting together to work out “library accounts to town accounts” transition
New Business:
– Michelle Hope Beaulieu hired as program assistant
– The library will be food drop-off point for summer meals
– Becky requested extra copies of “To Kill a Mockingbird” be ordered for students
– Book Sale, May 16th, 9-12:00, all Board members asked to attend
Old Business: Reviewing Library Policies
– Discussion on eligible patrons
o Any students attending local schools
o Residents of surrounding towns pay $5, and provide proof of address
o Non-property owners- $10 per family and proof of permanent address
o Transients- leave deposit equal to price of book, address where currently residing must also be provided

-Written Incident Reports must be filed when staff and or patrons have concerns/worries. Reports are to be given to director and kept on file. Library Director will update the board on reports monthly.
-Parents/guardians must be responsible for their children (regardless of age) while at the library. Library staff is not responsible for supervision of children.
-Children 4th grade and up, may visit the library unsupervised, and must adhere to all library rules.

-Discussion on Library Loan Policies:
2 week loan period
No overdue fines, but we encourage patrons to use “Conscious” Jar
Only two ILL books out at a time. (If patron does not pick up ordered book, there will be a $3 per item fee to cover postage)
Patrons will be contacted about overdue books and given the opportunity to locate and return them before a bill is sent out

-Library director’s evaluation is due soon. Board members are to write down their comments, concerns, and accolades, and bring them to the next meeting.

Next meeting, June 3rd, 6:00
Virginia made motion to adjourn, Becky seconded, meeting adjourned at 7:55pm


Highgate Public Library’s Trustee Meeting, April 1,2015- Approved
Present: Karen Fortin, Becky Johnson, Lucie Fortin, Virginia Holiman, Liza Comiskey
Public Comments: None
The Trustees welcomed Becky Johnson to the library board.
Minutes from February 4th meeting accepted
Treasurer’s Report: Lucie received report from town treasurer at last minute. She will go over it and report back to Board at next meeting.
Lucie has asked Town Select board to allow Lucie to continue as library treasurer until funds are fully transferred and settled with new incoming town treasurer.
Becky made motion, Virginia seconded, to amend amount requested for the library from town to $87,471 for fiscal year 2016. Motion approved.
Director’s Report:
-Girls on the Run has 26 girls signed up, with 6 adult coaches helping out.
-Cailey’s Closet event will be April 11th, 11:30-2:30. Liza has collected 35 dresses so far, and is hoping for 60.
-Liza received phone call from a parent asking questions about Cailey’s Closet, Liza stated she tried to explain how the program/event worked. Parent became verbally abusive to Liza during the call. Liza told the parent to have a nice day and hung up. Karen instructed Liza to write out an incident report on this situation. .
-Karen Casavant contacted Liza and expressed concern about
Same “disgruntled” parent’s facebooking/actions concerning this event on April 11. Karen has offered to be present at event. Karen instructed Liza to print the facebook info and write out an incident report.
– A local community member has offered free alterations to girls choosing dresses.
-Ashley Wolff, author and illustrator will be presenting at the library on April 15th at 10.
-Let’s Grow Kids” representative will join the parent group on the 15th to discuss this initiative.
– $675.00 has been donated by local businesses to help support the Summer program.
-The Norm LaVallee Plant Swap will be 10-12 on May 16th, in conjunction with the Historical Society’s Annual Sale. All Board members asked to arrive at 9 and help out.
-The Little league has asked to use the library’s tax ID number.
Karen asked Liza to invite Greg Farnham (Little League) to talk about this at our June 3rd meeting
-August 4th has been designated as “National Night Out”. Liza will be making plans for the event in the park, and will contact the selectman at the May meeting to discuss this event further.
Virginia made motion, Lucie seconded to accept Director’s Report. Accepted

Old Business:
Lucie made motion, Becky seconded to accept the Personnel Policy with corrections and adjustments made. Approved.
The Library program Assistant job has 16 applicants. Money left over from last year will be used to fund the position for the next 3 months. The Committee has conducted interviews with 3 candidates (2 dropped out), using rubrics. The top scoring applicant has been offered the job. She has not officially accepted the job.
New Business:
Lucie made motion, Becky seconded to change wording in Highgate Library’s Public Policy from parents not leaving unattended children from “3rd grade and up” at the library, to parents being asked to not leave unattended children “4th grade and up”. Motion approved, wording changed.
Trustees asked to think about the possibility of changing the by-laws to include more trustees for the library. (Presently it is 5)
New Officers were elected; Chairperson-Karen Fortin, Treasurer- Lucie Fortin, Secretary- Virginia Holiman
Next Meeting- May 6th.
Lucie made motion to adjourn at 8:00pm, Becky seconded. Meeting adjourned
Respectfully submitted,
Virginia Holiman


Highgate Public Library Trustee’s Meeting ~ February, 4, 2015 _ Approved
Present: Karen Fortin. Meaghan Gilmore, Lucie Fortin, Virginia Holiman, Patty Rainville, Liza
Public comments: None
Board Minutes: Lucie made motion, Meagan seconded, to accept minutes of 1/7/15 Trustee
Meeting, accepted
Director’s Report:
-Liza reports there is lots of interest in the Duct Tape Derby on February 21st
-Liza explained the new security system
-many plans going forward for the upcoming summer programs
– All trustees agreed they’d like the library to be part of the Town’s Smoke Free Zone
-A long time patron of the library, Mrs. Perry has passed away. She has requested in her
obituary that donations be made to this library. Virginia will write thank-you notes to all
Treasurer’s Report:
-Meagan made motion, Patty seconded to accept the Treasurer’s Report
-Town treasurer suggested we up the amount for maintenance in the library’s proposed
budget to $7500
-Patty made motion and Meagan seconded to approve revised proposed budget for
2015 of $85, 280. Unanimously approved.
-The library budget will be presented as a general fund line item this year.
-This is the first year town and treasurer have been working with outside auditors.
Old Business:
-Karen composed letter to send to Crossroads’ program leaders informing them – the
library will not be melding the Girls on the Run into their program. The Library will
support Crossroad’s holding their babysitting course at the library, contingent on
procuring appropriate library staff.
New Business:
-Virginia made motion, to move Anderson Fund into a new account of the library’s- in
the name of the Friends’ of the Library. This Anderson Fund will be accepting restricted
grant monies and the remainder of the (2014) checking account monies. This account
will be managed strictly by the Board’s Treasurer, and follow guidelines that were voted
upon at the January 7th, 2015 meeting. Patty seconded. Motion and language approved.
(Lucie and Liza will work with the Friends’ of the Library to move the money, and report
back to Trustee’s at the April meeting.)
-Karen read the letter she has written for the 2014 Town Report. Trustee’s suggestions
and additions were incorporated.
-Patty made motion, Meagan seconded to amend the personnel policy to include town’s
wording and dates. Approved. Policy will be rewritten and signed at April meeting.
-Becky Johnson has submitted her name and petition to run for Library Trustee in March
-Paulette Tatro has agreed to be appointed to the Board of Trustees.
-The town informational meeting will be held February 19. Karen plans on attending and
urges others to do so.
-A table will be set up at Town meeting on March 3rd. Karen will donate a “Basket of
Maple” to be used as a free raffle prize. Liza will purchase a maple cook book to be
included in the basket, and create the raffle tickets.
The next Library Trustee meeting will be held April 1st at 6:00 at the library.
Respectfully submitted,
Virginia Holiman
Trustee Secretary


Highgate Public Library Board of Trustee Meeting- January 7, 2015- Approved
Present: Karen Fortin, Lucie Fortin, Meagan Gilmore, Patty Rainville,
Virginia Holiman, Liza Cominsky
Guests: Joyce Ashton, Carol Lizotte
Public Input: Guests from Crossroads program presented to the Trustees the perceived benefits if HPL Girls on the Run Program were to fall under the Crossroads afterschool umbrella. Those benefits for the Library were to provide meals, busing, and afterschool homework program.
They also discussed the perceived benefits for the Crossroads program:
1) Build up their student participation numbers
2) To include the HPL Girls on the Run volunteers as Crossroad volunteers
3) To use HPL fundraising and/or grants that support the program to count toward the community matching fund for the Crossroads 21st century grant.
Crossroads has collaborated with Swanton Teen Center, Raider’s program with Dr. Chip, and Swanton Library
Joyce and Carol left the meeting
Meagan moved to table proposal, and discuss it at next meeting, Karen seconded. Approved 5-0
Minutes: Patty made the motion to accept the minutes of the 12/3/14 meeting. Lucie seconded the motion. Approved 5-0
Director’s Report:
-The Polar Express event was a huge success with over 350 people in attendance.
-Summer Program is being planned, 2 safety courses (hunting, boating) scheduled- currently working on scheduling babysitting and adult CPR/First Aid. “Connecting with Your Inner Hero” is the summer theme
-Building Brighter Futures has asked to use the library for their Social (meeting and training) to be held after hours at a date yet to be decided.
-There have been 720 “interactions” for Highgate children through the soccer and basketball programs, (grade 4 and under) that the library sponsored this fall/winter for Highgate Parks & Recreation.
-Liza has received requests for help from other libraries in 2 states (NY & Virginia) over the past few months- for her successful work setting up “Girls on the Run” program
-Liza has been interviewed by The Messenger for their new “Essential People of Franklin County” feature in the paper.
-Liza has been working on her report for the annual town report. She will be adding newly acquired statistics that show amazing growth of use and programs at the library over the past 10 years.
-Liza received a quote from Black Dog Security for an update to the library’s current security system.
Treasurer’s Report:
-Meagan moved, Patty seconded to approve monthly treasurer’s report. Approved 5-0
– Lucie made the motion to approve the following language (in regards to the Anderson Account) to ensure an appropriate, workable transition to new financial arrangement with the Town of Highgate. Karen seconded the motion. Approved 5-0
“The Anderson Account will be restricted and will be used as a depository for grant funds received. All funds will be designated grant funds or restricted Anderson Funds. It will be the Board treasurer’s duty to report the status of the account at the regular monthly Board meetings.”
After much Board discussion and evaluating the library’s growth over the years a budget was set for the 2015/2016 fiscal year. Patty made the motion to approve the propose budget of $82,780, to be presented to voters at town meeting in March. Virginia seconded the motion. Approved 5-0
New Business:
-Virginia moved, Meagan seconded to accept Black Dog’s quote and go ahead with installation of an update security system as soon as possible. Approved 5-0.
-Patty Rainville announced she will be resigning from the library board as of March, 2015. The board will need to appoint someone to fill the seat until Town meeting 2016.
-Lucie Fortin’s term on the library board will expire in March. She will not be running again.
-Karen will attend town’s informational meeting to present the budget to those in attendance and answer any questions (date has not yet been set). All Board members are asked to be at the March Town Meeting.
– This year’s monthly board meetings will be held on the 1st Wednesday of each month in the library at 6:00pm- with no meetings in March, July or August.
Next Meeting: Wednesday February 3, 2015 at 6pm
Lucie Fortin made the motion to adjourn the meeting at 9:30pm. Karen Fortin seconded the motion. Approved 5-0
Respectfully submitted,
Virginia Holiman


Highgate Public Library Board of Trustee Meeting- December 3, 2014

Present: Meagan Gilmore, Karen Fortin, Virginia Holiman, Liza Comiskey, Lucie Fortin, Patty Rainville

Public Comments: None

Minutes: Lucie Fortin made motion, Patty Rainville seconded to accept the minutes of Nov. 5th meeting, minutes accepted

Treasurer’s Report:

Lucie met with Tom at the Highgate Town offices. He has not currently taken over the library budget and is expecting to do so after the beginning of the New Year.

There will be a new coding system for bills. Liza and Lucie are working with Tom to make sure all areas are needed are covered in the budget. Concerns with this new system is that grant revenues are lump summed and more detail is needed for Liza to do reporting for grant summaries and for the library trustees. Tom will be asked if more subcategories can be included so that major grants will show revenue and expenses for better tracking. Lucie will be setting up a time to meet with tom to go over the above, again.

Tom has informed the board that bills need to be warned, and then are presented to the select board. Our minutes need to reflect that expenditures have been presented to board and board approved. To make sure bills can be paid in a timely manner the following motion has been made by Patty Rainville and seconded by Lucie Fortin

“The Highgate Public Library Trustees motion to allow the Library Trustee treasurer to authorize payments be paid by the Town Treasurer, as needed and report monthly finical s to the Library Board of Trustees “

The Anderson account is a restricted savings account that a Ms. Anderson donated funds. This account is for special, one time use projects/purchases/programs and is not meant for payment of ongoing bills/expenses. Per a phone conversation with Ms. Linda Haughland former Library trustee on 12/3/14, she verifies that this account, with its restrictions, has been around since before her 25-year long term as library trustee.

The budget currently reflects an expense of $740.62 for the polar express. The Friends of the Highgate Public Library will be providing funding for this.

The $917.5 November donations show monies collected for the Polar Express, Basketball, copies, book sales, however these were all lump summed under donations. Also, the $183.0 December donations also reflect donation money from the Polar express.

Vriginia motioned to accept the treasurers report as presented and Patty seconded, all in agreement, motion passed, report accepted.

Director’s Report:

Liza received clarification on a volunteer needing a rider for using their own vehicle during the libraries Polar Express. If a volunteer provides a vehicle for the polar express, owns the vehicle and is acting within the scope of the activity, that person and their vehicle is covered by the Town and Library insurance for liability and accident coverage. Volunteers were informed that they could still be sued personally if acting negligently. This is currently in writing at the library.

Liza announced on Facebook “thanks” to all who have helped out and donated for the Polar express. Thank-you’s included

Donation of blankets

Anonymous donation of canopy for Polar Express Wagon

Sweetie pies donated all cookies

Ray Dixon donated tree

Jen Gagne and Daughter donated snowman wreath

Dean F made special Railroad crossing sign for Polar express

We’ll be collecting food for Operation Happiness during the polar express

Holiday stockings are still going well. After first day, more stockings needed to be requested

Friends of the library are going to be doing Ski days again this year and there are two new volunteers. We get $3/back per ski ticket but no money back on water park ticket sales.

Diana Fackler has been hired as the Children’s Librarian at the Swanton library. Because of this new position- the trustees had some concerns that the Youth programs here would be too much in addition to Diana’s new position. Liza will post the position of Youth & Adult  Program Director/sub for the library. This is a 10-hour/month position during the school year and up to 10 hours per week during the summer programing months.

Safety concern was discussed. It has been decided that more security measures are needed at the library due to recent safety concerns. Virginia motioned that Liza schedule appt. to get quote for new security measures and schedule installation, ASAP. Up to $4000 dollars has been appropriated for this purchase. Patty, seconded this motion, all in favor, motion passed.

Virginia motioned that we use Anderson funds to purchase employee appreciation gifts, Lucie seconded the motion, all agreed, motion passed.

Old Business:

There was a discussion on the requested donation with the Polar express. The reasoning behind the fee was discussed and it was decided that for all programs, marketing literature would include “Donations Accepted” with no dollar amount mentioned.

New Business:

January we’ll be meeting 1-2 times to work on the budget.

At the February meeting the by-laws will be reviewed and modified as needed.

Virginia made motion, Patty seconded to adjourn. Meeting adjourned.

Next meeting will be held January 8 at 6:00 PM

Respectfully submitted,

Meagan Gilmore


Highgate Public Library Board of Trustee Meeting – November 5, 2014
Present: Meaghan Gilmore, Karen Fortin, Virginia Holiman, Liza Comiskey Missing from Meeting: Patty Rainville & Lucie Fortin
Public Comments: None
Minutes: Meaghan made motion to approve the minutes from the October 9th meeting. , Karen seconded. APPROVED
Treasurer’s Report: Report will be presented at next meeting.
Tom Racine has not yet taken over doing library accounting.
Director’s Report:
*Polar Express event will be held Dec. 5th and 6th.
-Liza will check with town to see if the event is covered by town insurance.
-Santa will cost approximately $200 for the two nights.
– It was discussed that since this is the most expensive program the library holds each year- a min. donation to the library of $5 per ticket will be suggested to help cover the costs. With more kids this year (125) this event is expected to cost close to $800 +.
*The library has received a $1500 grant from Ben and Jerry’s Community Action Team to support the participants in the “Girls on the Run” Program.
*The library is now connected to the “Amazon Smiles” program. Anyone may sign on through Amazon, then “Friends of the Highgate Library.” 0.5 % of any money spent will automatically be deposited into the” Friends…” bank account and go to supporting the library’s programs. All are encouraged to sign up.
* Highgate Family Ski Days will be back this year and will also be raising funds to support the library programs- the friends group is the one who helps cover the costs associated with the Polar Express. $3 from each ticket goes back to the libray.
* Little Dribblers will start soon for 3 to 5 yr. olds. 18 children will be accepted into the program.
*Kelly Medor will be coaching the 3rd and 4th grade basketball, with all money coming through The Highgate Fit Kids program at the library as the town has not yet set up an account for the newly formed Highgate Parks & Rec. Committee. The library (as with soccer) will be sponsoring the basketball programs until Parks & Rec is ready.
*Young Rembrandts Art Program to run Nov. 7-Dec. 19 at the library. There will be a charge of $45 ($35 for Highgate residents- as Liza was concerned that the $45 was too high for Highgate families to afford)
-The class was only $28 for 4 weeks last year. The library does not charge for using the space for the program.
* 125 people attended Tractor Day this year!
* Crossroads Program approached the Liza about holding an afterschool program at the library. The Board would like to offer the physical space to crossroads (with supervising adult and advanced notice), but not library personnel as Liza can’t run a program without library staff support to run the desk. Liza is already stretched too thin as it is.
*Liza is now chair of the Highgate Parks & Recreation Board, and also filling in until March on the Highgate School Board. Liza is also representing the library on the Sidewalk committee and is the town liaison for Building Brighter Futures.
* The Library will be closing at noon on Nov. 26, and all day the 27th for Thanksgiving. The Library will be closed Dec. 23, 24 , 25 and Dec. 30, 31 and Jan. 1st for the holidays. Holiday hours will be publicized.
Old Business:
*The Board reviewed the library’s by-laws, which state Board members shall not miss more than two meetings in a row, and must attend 7 out of the 10 yearly meetings.
New Business:
*Lucie and Virginia will meet and develop a budget proposal for next year. They will present their proposal at the Dec. 3 Board meeting for discussion/review and approval.
* The Vt. Dept. of Libraries sent out information suggesting all library directors in Vermont receive a yearly salary of $43, 818.

Karen made motion to adjourn the meeting at 7:45, Meahgan seconded. APPROVED
Next meeting will be held December 3, at 6:00.

Respectfully submitted,

Virginia Holiman


Highgate Public Library Board of Trustees MeetingOctober 8, 2014
Present: Lucie Fortin, Karen Fortin, Virginia Holiman, Meaghan Gilmore, Liza Comiskey Missing from meeting: Patty Rainville
Meeting was called to order at 6:05 PM
Review of Past Meeting Minutes: Karen made the motion to approve and accept the minutes of the Sept. 4 board meeting. Lucie seconded the motion- Approved.
Treasurer’s Report:
Checking Account 5839.47
Savings Account 10,732.97
Lucie is still writing check and keeping the books. She will meet with Tom to set up transferring books to his care.
Virginia made motion to approve the treasurer’s report. Meaghan seconded the motion. – Approved
Director’s Report:
-The first Cross Country season has just finished up, winning 3 out of 4 medals at the MVU End of the Season Meet. 26 students and 7 coaches were involved in the successful season. Liza will recognize participants at the Friday school wide assembly.
-This Saturday, the 11th is the 3rd annual Tractor Day. This year’s event will include a fire truck, the Book Mobile, and Car set safety checks.
-The annual Halloween Party will be held October 27th.
The library will also be open for Trick or Treaters on Friday, the 31st from 5-7.
All Board members asked to bring a big bag of candy. Karen will bring maple candies.
-Liza is working on the annual Library report for the Department of Libraries- she hopes to have it submitted by next week.
Meaghan made motion to approve the Director’s report, Virginia seconded the motion- Approved
Old Business- none presented
New Business-
October 21st at 6 PM there will be a Town Capital Budget meeting at the Town office. All town departments have been encouraged to attend. This is a great opportunity to look at/discuss the library’s needs and future. Karen encouraged all board members to attend in support of the library.
November 1st, 9-3 “Money Matters”, Annual Conference for Library Trustees and Friends in Killington.
Next Trustee meeting planned for Wednesday, November 6 at 6:00.
Lucie made motion to adjourn the meeting at 6:41, Meaghan seconded the motion. Approved

Respectfully submitted,

Virginia Holiman


Minutes from 9/4/14- Highgate Public Library Board of Trustees Meeting- Sept. 4, 2014
Present: Karen Fortin, Meagan Gilmore, Virginia Holiman, Lucie Fortin, Liza Comiskey. Missing: Patty Rainville
Karen Fortin called the meeting to order at 6:05 pm.
Minutes: Meagan moved to approve the minutes from the June 5th board meeting, Virginia seconded the motion. Approved
Treasurer’s Report: (see attached) The report presented was of the fiscal year’s end – June, 2014. There were no concerns with spending- we were over budget by $78.27. Meagan moved to approve the report as presented, Virginia seconded the motion. Approved
Note :This report will be audited first by town auditors then by external auditors.
Director’s Report:
-Liza applied for and is pleased to announce that the library will receive $3800 in funds over the next fiscal year to support programs for children ages birth to 8 years old.
-Summer programing went very well and programing numbers were very high.
-Book Discussion group to meet Sept. 15th at 6:30pm
-Annual Halloween Party- Oct. 27, 6:00
-Tractor Day, Oct. 11, 10:00 AM. This year it will be at the school/ arena and will be run in conjunction with a Run for your Life 5K run being held at 9- Run for Your Life, The Tractors are Coming!
-Because the library works with children, Liza has applied through the VCIC – Vermont Crime Info Center (Agency of Human Services) for a Vulnerable Population Waiver- which will allow the library to receive a more intensified background check for all individuals who volunteer to help out with programing involving children. If approved, the fee for this service through VCIC- will be waived. She will hear soon if the library qualifies. The library does currently do checks for all volunteers through the Dept. of Human Services.
-Highgate Fit Kidz- Library sponsored Cross Country program starts Sept. 15th. This program is for boys and girls in grades 1-6 and will run for 4 weeks. Many new families have signed up (families not involved in library sponsored programing before), each child will received a library card application to take home as well as information on other library programs.
-Young Rembrandts art program for K-4th will start at the library at the end of Sept. Rebecca Fagga will be teaching it again this year.
-Liza has been appointed to the new Park and Rec Board of Highgate and is helping to incorporate the library Highgate Fit Kidz programs into the setup.
-A new soccer program will be organized and taught by the elementary school’s Phys. Ed. Teacher this fall for pre-k-grade 4. This year only the program will be run through/ sponsored by the library and will be covered under town insurance.
-Six people who received no trespass orders from the select board in June have been respecting those directives.
-The entrance ramp for the library will be moved by Jeff Hubbard to the other side of the building to provide safer entrance and exit accessibility for children.
-Highgate Selectman suggested looking into getting a “panic button” installed at the library. This discussion took place with Liza after there was a safety concern in July.
-Liza made a connection with the Meals on Wheels program, they will be able to add information about our home delivery program for local senior citizens. Staff would deliver library books to those who are homebound. The information sheet that will be added to each mean delivery and will provide contact information for seniors who are interested.
– Liza did her yearly review of staff members, and asked to give one a raise for the outstanding work and dedication she provides, Meghan made motion to approve Liza’s request of $1.09 an hour raise. Lucie seconded the motion. Approved
New Business:
-Liza discussed the need for a new 1 piece circulation desk with a build in book drop- as the safety concerns from the summer have prompted the re-arrangement of library staff desks. A one piece L shaped desk would make the work area more efficient and neat. Dean Fackler has offered to build this for the library- only charging for materials. Virginia made the motion to approve the use of funds from the Anderson Account to purchase a circulation desk. Meagan seconded the motion. Approved
-Board members were given copy of Vermont’s new Open Meeting Laws. The board read through these papers and discussed application at the library.
-The board discussed the possibility of sponsoring an amazing Zucchini Festival next fall. Lucie will be the organizer.

Lucie made motion to adjourn the meeting at 7:55pm. Meagan seconded the motion. Approved.
Next meeting will be October 2, 6:00 at the library.

Respectfully submitted,
Virginia Holiman, Board secretary