Friends of HLCC

We are also looking for new members to become involved on the Friends Board and help us kick it up a notch! 

Contact Adah DeRosier at:   if you are interested!

Friends of the Highgate Public Library is a nonprofit 501 (C) 3 advocacy organization. Our goal is a simple one. We want to support our local public library by helping to foster, encourage, sponsor, and promote the Library through contributions (for activities and items not covered in the annual operating budget) and program enrichment.

Q:  What is a “Friend”?  What do I have to do if I’m a “Friend”?

A:  A “Friend” is a supporter of the library who helps to  foster, encourage, sponsor, and  promote the perpetuation,  improvement and interest in the Highgate Public Library. This is accomplished by stimulating community awareness of the library; by supporting special collections, acquisitions and active ties for the library; by purchasing special items which cannot be bought from the operating budget; by encouraging gifts, endowments and memorials to the library for special items; and by supporting activities of the library by providing volunteer help.

To become A  “Friend” of the library, you  pay a very small ($3 for individual-$10 for a family) annual membership fee. You can choose to be an Active or Supporting Member. Active members may be asked to volunteer their time and/or talents for various projects. Supporting members are dues-paying members only and will not be asked to volunteer.

Q: How Is This Different from a Library Trustees?

 A: The work of the Friends is  different from that of the  Trustees of the Library. While the Trustees set policy for the organization, the Friends provide the “extras”.

Q:  What does my dues money do?

A:  Friends is a non-profit organization – all dues money benefits the library.  Dues are used to help advertise fund-raising events and are also used to purchase special books and equipment for the library, and or to sponsor special events for the library.

Q:  How does Friends raise funds?

A:  Friends holds three annual events:

  • Discounted Highgate Family Ski Days at Jay Peak
  •  Friends High 5 Campaign
  • Holiday Event in early December

Q:  How do I become a “Friend”?

A:  You may print off the  membership form directly from our site by clicking the membership form page (see side bar) or stop in and pick one up at the library. Please return it with your dues to the Highgate Public Library. Please make checks payable to: Friends of the Highgate Public Library.

Please visit the American Library Association’s website at : for further information on Friends of the Library groups.

We are also looking for new members to become involved on the Friends Board and help us kick it up a notch!